Agents/ Retailers

The National Lottery Authority has eighty three (83) retailers throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Seventy nine (79) of these can be found in Grenada, one (1) in Petite Martinique and the remaining three (3) in Carriacou. Feel free to use our interactive map to view various locations of agents or retailers throughout the island. You can also use our Agent Locator on the left or search field below to find specific agents or retailers.

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Charlo’s Food Mart Grenada St. George's River Road
Pitch Pine Bar Grenada St. George's Melville Street
Corner 69 Grenada St. George's Melville Street
Curlyn James Dougaldston St. John's Dougaldston
Chowel’s Edge Grenada St. Andrew's Post Royal
Atlantic News Grenada St. George's Point Salines
B & G Mini-Mart Grenada St. David's Requin
Root’s Disco Grenada St. Andrew's Byelands
Claudette’s Shop Grenada St. Andrew's Tivoli
Roland Charles Shop Grenada St. Andrew's Marquis
Gill’s Mini-Mart Grenada St. George's Beaulieu
A & M Mini-Mart Grenada St. George's Cherry Hill
Everything Cool Sports Bar Grenada St. George's Melville Street
River View Grocery & Bar Grenada St. Mark's Union
Jose Buddy Grenada St. Patrick's Morne Fendue
The Cashew Tree Grenada St. David Red Gate
The Container Grenada St. Andrew Birchgrove
Deco Service Centre - Westerhall Grenada St. David Westerhall
Shipwreck Bar Grenada St. David La Tante
The Pink Shop Grenada St. George Woburn