Becoming a Retail Agent

Fill out the NLA Sales Agent Application Form and submit to any NLA Sub-Office, the Main Office or a NLA Representative;

A NLA Representative will, upon initial assessment, visit the prospective location and conduct a Prospective Agent Market Evaluation. On completion of the evaluation, the Prospective Agent will sign a Prospective Agent Evaluation Disclaimer Form

Once the evaluation meets all the required NLA standards and is approved to go into business partnership with the NLA, a Retail Agent Agreement and an Agent Receivables and Reconnection Policy Document will be provided in duplicate copies to the Prospective Agent for signing. Upon signing, the necessary equipment will be tested and installed at the location. The Prospective Agent will also be trained by the NLA in using the technology for conducting lottery business.

Country Contribution

  • NLA sponsors national champion of champions club cricket 20/20 competition

    Cricket is a traditional sport of Grenada, and as a people we have experienced the highs and the lows of… Read More