This game is played using the ‘Quick Pick’ ticket selection method. The card consists of 25 numbers ranging from one (1) to seventy five (75). A total of thirty (30) balls are drawn from a pool of seventy five (75) balls. Jackpots and cost of this game vary.

How To Play

“Any Line” Prize To qualify for the ‘Any Line’ prize, players must complete a line of five (5) numbers in a row on the Bingo card. These can be formed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

“Letter Y” Prize For this prize, players must form the letter Y on the Bingo card.

“Diamond” Prize Players must complete the pattern of a diamond on the Bingo card.

How To Claim prize

The National Lotteries Authority has made claiming game prizes simple and easy. Winners must simply observe the conditions below to claim their prizes.

  • The winning ticket accompanied by a valid signature and proper identification must be presented in order to claim prizes.
  • All prizes must be claimed within ninety (90) days after the draw unless otherwise decided by the manager.
  • For prizes EC$250 and below, claims can be made at any authorized NLA agent.For larger prizes, claims must be made at the National Lotteries Authority's head office in St. George's or the sub office in St. Andrew's. These claims must be made in person with photo identification.
  • Jackpot prizes will be made in installments at the discretion of the National Lotteries Authority.

It is important to note that the National Lotteries Authority reserves the right to publish the name, address and photograph of any prize winner and use the information in lottery promotional activities. For further information, winners can contact the National Lotteries Authority office in St. George's or the sub office in St. Andrew's.