NLA sponsors national champion of champions club cricket 20/20 competition

July 1, 2010

Cricket is a traditional sport of Grenada, and as a people we have experienced the highs and the lows of the game over the decades. We have seen it take different and fluctuating directions and trends. No doubt, we have also witnessed a number of the developmental strides that were implemented by way of the cricket camps for youngsters; the school competitions; the SGU cricket academy; the construction and maintenance of the state-of-the-art cricket stadium and other major grounds like La Saggesse and Progress Park and more.

However, it is obvious that these activities are just some of the necessities towards the consistency of the game of cricket on a high level on the island; and towards the positioning of Grenadian cricketers as world class within the ultimate goal of Caribbean cricket rising to the top once more and remaining there. We, as a people, as organizations, as institutions, etc, need to have a clear and strategic plan for cricket. We need to foster linkages between the private, public and non-governmental entities to really bring these goals to fruition. We need to not just recognize and understand the needs; but we need to also need to put our monies behind them and work feverishly towards them.

And this is where the National Lotteries Authority comes in, and we are very proud to do so. We will be investing over EC$65,000.00 towards the execution of the National Champion of Champions Club Cricket 20/20 Competition, in addition to our costs for improving the look and attractiveness of the fields on play days. One can expect giveaways, and a number of Bingo games being played at the later games of the competition. We will also be lending our assistance to the Grenada Cricket Association through the Ministry of Sports and Youth Empowerment in the facilitation of the bars and the hosting of the Bingo games.

We are proud at the National Lotteries Authority to add this to our sponsorship spend, which has amassed to just over EC$808,000.00 in November, 2009.

At this juncture, I would like to say thanks to the representatives of the Ministry of Sports, including Mr. Croney and Mr. Swan; and to the Grenada Cricket Association, including Mr. Harbin for bringing this initiative to our doorsteps. Let us start 2010 with a bang – bat ball and all! And to our customers of lottery products, without you this can not be possible. So, continue to support the National Lotteries Authority, and we will in turn better be able to serve you. Have a fantastic 2010!