April 12, 2017

“Lotto Player Wins EC$276,000”

ST. GEORGE’S - TUESDAY, 11TH APRIL, 2017 – Lynn Andrew, a District Nurse of Munich, St. Andrew’s has claimed her prize of EC$276,000, after winning the National Lotteries Authority’s (NLA) Lotto jackpot on Friday, 17th March, 2017.  The NLA handed over the jackpot to an appreciative Ms. Andrew on Tuesday, 11th April, 2017 at its main office on the Carenage.

According to NLA’s Marketing Manager - Ms. Reecè Sam, the NLA, in the earlier part of December 2017,  decided to enhance the attractiveness of the jackpot by giving it a one-off bump of EC$134,000.  “Therefore, on December 12th, 2017, the jackpot was boosted from EC$66,000 to EC$200,000. As a result, Ms. Andrew won $134,000 more than would’ve been expected, had the jackpot been increased normally.”

On handing over the prize-cheque, the NLA’s General Manager, Mr. Geoffrey Gilbert expressed his delight about the newest jackpot winner being a female; recalling that the previous winner was also a woman – Mrs. Kathy Marshall of Clozier, St. John’s. “It means that more women are playing the games of the NLA.”

Upon accepting the top-prize, Ms. Andrew reminisced on her lucky purchase.  “I hadn’t checked the ticket until the following Monday. I had checked the results backwards, and couldn’t believe my eyes; so, I called my daughter to check it over.  She shouted, ‘Mommy, you win! You win!’”.  The winning ticket was a quick-pick option, bought at the NLA’s Grenville Sub-Office, which Ms. Andrew refers to as a lucky ticket, since she doesn’t consider herself a frequent player.

Although Ms. Andrew stated that she prefers to keep much of her intentions about the prize confidential for now, in her excitement, the single-mother did express that she would be taking her two daughters to Disney World.  “They reminded me of the promise I made to them, years ago.”

Mr. Gilbert supported her plans saying, “This is an example of how the NLA impacts lives - how it allows people to benefit and live their dreams.”

In closing, Ms. Sam thanked Ms. Andrew and all players of the NLA’s games for their participation in the Lotto Booster Promotions 1 and 2 in 2016, and for their continued support of the NLA’s games.  The Lotto game is a home-grown jackpot that is drawn three times per week; i.e.: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and carries a starting jackpot of EC$40,000.

Earlier in April, the NLA launched 2 new Scratch games unto the market: Gold Fever and Gold-Rush.