February 19, 2020

Jackpot Money

More Jackpot Money with the new and improved Super 6! Bigger Jackpots… More Chances to Win… More Reasons to Play! Super 6… Now a Bigger Jackpot […]
January 31, 2020

NLA Conducts Live-Free-For-A-Year Promotion Prize Handover Ceremony

Three (3) lucky lottery players of scratch games, received their prizes on Friday, 31st January, 2020 in the National Lotteries Authority’s (NLA’s) exciting ‘Live-Free-For-A-Year’ promotion, making the culmination of the over three (3) month long promotion.
January 20, 2020

SUPER 6 just got BIGGER with more Money to the Jackpot !

Super 6 players are in for some exciting news. Not only will the Jackpot grow faster but more money will be allocated to make it bigger in a shorter period.
January 2, 2020

Super 6 Promotion

Spend $6 on Super 6 and get a chance to win 6 times $6 of your spend, instantly! Now you’ll love Super 6 even more…Bigger Jackpots…More […]
October 29, 2018

NLA’ Media Appreciation Luncheon

NLA’ Media Appreciation Luncheon / Launch of 4th-QTR Promotions 2
March 18, 2018

Pure Grenada Cup 2018

The National Lotteries Authority showing its support of sports and culture in Grenada by giving assistance to the Pure Grenad Cup competition. This competition runs from […]