Date: 2020-08-11
Draw #: 2013

Here you can find all the information you need for the past Super 6 draws. Winning numbers, draw times, free ticket letters and current jackpots can be found for each of the games.
These numbers are updated the morning after the draw.


DateWinning#LetterDraw ID
2020-08-11 07,09,22,23,25,28N2013
2020-08-07 03,04,06,08,20,21N2012
2020-08-05 04,12,24,25,27,28A2011
2020-07-31 8,9,12,14,18,24D2010
2020-07-28 02,14,16,17,25,27I2009
2020-07-24 01,05,16,22,23,25H2008
2020-07-21 03,09,16,17,25,28F2007
2020-07-17 04,05,10,12,18,28J2006